Visa Assistance and List of Requirements

Please click downloadable forms below:


Php1,000.00 per applicant
Processing takes approx. 7-10 working days

  • Japan Tourist Visa List of Requirements
  • Application Form
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Schedule of Stay
  • Sample Schedule of Stay
  • Sample Schedule of Stay 2
  • Request for Multiple Entry Visa Form (Additional Php500 for requesting multiple entry, grant or not granted.)
  • Authorization Letter
  • For employee, submit Income Tax Return Certificate (ITR 2316)
    • must be signed by the employer and employee
  • For professionals, consultants, self-employed, SMEs, and the like, Income Tax Return Certificate (ITR 1701)
    • must have receipt stamp of the tax collector/BIR
    • receipt of payment if there’s no BIR stamp
    • email confirmation if payment is done online to signify that BIR received their payment
  • For housewife, retired, unemployed (non-taxpayers), please submit the following
    • if the Average Daily Balance (ADB) is not stated in the Bank Certificate, they must submit Bank Statement, at least the latest 3 months and explanation letter.
    • if the ADB is available pls submit an explanation letter for non submission of ITR only.

Notes: For ITR 1701-Q we will still follow the same requirement as before – submit the whole 4Qtrs with stamp or receipt of payment.

For ITR 1702 (company ITR) – technically this is only acceptable for incentive trip where the company is the Guarantor. For Personal Trips, please follow old requirements like explanation letter.

It is recommended to apply at least 2 months before the travel date. All forms and photocopies must be in A4 size bond paper.


59 days or less:
– Php2,400.00 per applicant (Processing takes approx. 10-15 working days)

Note: It is recommended to apply at least 2 months before the travel date.